Hydroscand Design & Test Centre

We have a complete range of hose and fluid connectors with more than 20.000 different items in stock. In addition to hydraulic hoses we sell all types of hose fittings, swage-, multispiral and interlockfittings, adapters, cutting ring fittings, flared fittings, ORFS fittings, pipe clamps, ball valves, and assembly equipment. We also have a full range of industrial hoses and fittings and specialize in individual solutions.

Product Research and Development

In Hydroscand's new Design & Test Center, we are carrying out research and development of existing and new products. This is to improve the standard products and develop new components to satisfy the demanding requirements of the fluid power market.

Quality and safety

Hydroscands Design & Test Center tests all of our hoses and fittings to ensure the integrity of product and performance to meet Hydroscand's and your expectations of quality and safety.

Fleximpulse / Impulse

The flex-impulse rig is a large laboratory test rig. This is used for the acceleration processes of the life time of a hose assembly. We can perform tests in accordance with, ISO-6803 (pulse), ISO-8032 (flex-impulse) or to customer requirements, up to 950 bar and up to 130°C. We use the test equipment to verify that the hose and fitting combination meet Hydroscand’s requirements for the hose assembly. The results from these tests are then documented in our hose assembly swaging manual.

Pressure test

Our pressure test equipment is used for testing at pressures up to 2000 bar at room temperature. The equipment is also used for hoses to be supplied with a pressure test certificate. The equipment is also used to verify the specified burst pressure of hoses. To protect the environment, we filter and separate the water from any residue of oil by using a fully automated separating system.

Salt spray test

In the climate chamber we perform accelerating lifetime testing of our products. We perform tests in accordance with the most up to date standards. In the chamber we perform quality assurance and testing of the top coatings for new and existing products.