Hydroscand was founded in 1969 in Stockholm. Today the company has more than 240 hose service branches, 450 resellers and over 1 400 employees in 20 countries.



  • Our first branch opens in Linköping. The company changes its name to Hydroscand.


  • Our first branch in Norrland open up in Bergsjö. The branch is later relocated to Hudiksvall.


  • Hydroscand is established in Norway with the acquisition of a small company. 


The 1980s saw a widespread expansion of new branches. Within 10 years, the company grew from 4 to 19 branches.


  • There are four branches in Sweden.


  • The Hudiksvall branch opens after relocating from Bergsjö.


  • New branches opened in Boden, Jönköping and Norrköping.


  • We open a branch in Karlstad.


  • We open a branch in Ljungby.


  • Hydroscand celebrates its 20-year anniversary. We exceed an annual turnover of MSEK 100. The company has just over 90 employees at 25 workplaces across Sweden and Norway, successfully distributing hydraulic hoses and fluid components.



  • In January, there are 19 branches in Sweden.


  • An idea is conceived to start up a separate company in order to develop our assembly machinery. The business wasn’t established until 1997, however, Hydroscand Machine is currently one of Europe’s leading companies in the industry sector.


  • We establish business in Finland.


  • We obtain ISO-9001 certification, in order to satisfy our customers’ increasingly high demands.



  • We enter the Estonian market.
  • We acquire Slang och Maskin AB, our distributor in southernmost Sweden.


  • We establish in Roskilde, Denmark.


  • We develop the Hose Production Centre concept. Today, there are production centres in England, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, China and the Czech Republic.
  • We acquire a company in the United Kingdom and open two branches in Gloucester och Redruth.
  • We operate three pipe plants, located in Hudiksvall and Åbo.
  • Our construction division evolves into what is currently know as HDTC - Hydroscand Design and Test Centre.
  • We obtain ISO-14001 certification.


  • A new head office is established in Tallin, serving the Baltic states, which also houses the Baltic region’s largest stockpile of fluid connectors.
  • We establish in Latvia.


Slang och Maskin is absorbed into Hydroscand, and changes name to Hydroscand Slang och Maskin AB.


  • We enter the Russian market with the establishment of an office in St. Petersburg.
  • The company expands further with the establishment of Hydroform Design Light, in Vansbro.


  • Hydroscand Automotive AB is set up in Gothenburg, with a clear focus towards the automotive sector.
  • We establish in two new countries: Lithuania and Belarus.
  • Due to the company’s expansion, Hydroscand’s head office is relocated to its current site in Sköndal.
  • Hydroscand Special Hoses begins production of metal hoses, in Motala.
  • The new HoseExpress service is rolled out, featuring two service buses.


3D CAD is launched over the internet.


  • We begin operating in France.
  • Aware of our customers’ demands and requirements, and as part of our move towards globalisation, we set up on the Chinese market.



We begin operating in Ireland, initially through an English branch and then later as an independent company.


  • Hydroscand Machine launches an extensive new range of crimpers.
  • We begin operating in South Africa.
  • 25 HoseExpress buses in service in Sweden.
  • Owner and founder of Hydroscand AB, Björn Holmström, leaves his position as CEO of Hydroscand Group and becomes Executive Chairman. Mats Nilsson is appointed new CEO.


  • Hydroscand Slang & Maskin AB becomes Hydroscand AB.
  • We begin OEM production in China, in order to meet our customers’ demands for global production.
  • We begin pipe bending operations in St. Petersburg.
  • We begin operating in Kazakhstan.
  • Hydroscand acquires the shares of Blackwell Hydraulics Ltd in Wales.
  • The warehouse facilities in Sköndal is expanded by 1200 square meters to a total of 5700 sqm.
  • Hydroscand purchases the industry and hydraulic company Resculum in Romania.


  • There are 33 HoseExpress-service vans in Sweden.
  • New head office in Riga, Latvia.
  • New branches in Sollefteå and Nyköping, Sweden.
  • New central warehouse in Tallinn, Estonia.


  • Opens in Kalmar and Pajala
  • Hydroscand celebrates 45 years as a company


  • Opens the 50th branch in Sweden – 1365 meters down in the Kiruna mine.
  • Hydroscand opens new branches in Söderhamn, Älvsbyn, Arboga and Skövde as well as in Fredericia and Køge in Denmark.
  • We establish in Georgia by opening two branches, in Tblisi and Batumi.
  • We have 35 Hose Express buses in Sweden.
  • We establish a central warehouse for hoses and a production centre in Odry, Czech Republic.


  • Opened 5 new branches in Sweden and additional branches Denmark, Norway, France, Belarus, Russia, Georgia and Kazakhstan.


  • Turnover record – first time above 2 BSEK. Hydroscand grew 14% compared to 2016.
  • Mats Lönnqvist appointed new Chairman of the Board of Hydroscand Group.
  • Marcus Larsson appointed new CEO of Hydroscand Group.
  • 13 new mobile service vans under the concept Hydroscand HoseExpress launched in the market.
  • Hydroscand opens new OEM production center in Umeå, Sweden.


  • Strategy process during the first half of 2018, with subsequent roll-out of GAIN, Hydroscand's new strategy until 2021, focused on growth, digitalization and service offering development.
  • 26 new mobile service vans under the concept Hydroscand HoseExpress launched globally.
  • New Hydroscand song is launched.
  • New pay-off for Hydroscand Sweden – “your nearest HoseService” – better corresponding to our position as market leaders.